Customers rendered!

Ok, it’s… what time is it? Ok, it’s 4 o’clock in the morning and I have headache. It’s been, I think, two or three days of non stop working, something like 17 hours a day passed looking at this monitor. Now I begin to feel tired. But wow, man, I did it! I managed to properly render those damn customers!!

A generated and rendered customer!
A generated and rendered customer!

If you ask me how I did it, I honestly do not know… I mean, it works but it’s sooo complex I myself cannot really understand all of it. And that’s why, I suppose, there’s still some bug here and there… 😛 But hey! Is there, right? It works (in most of cases)!

Now customers look exactly how they should, reflecting their personality in their appearance. Little details in what they wear suggest who they are. So cool…

This step was huge, something really important for the project. If this couldn’t have been done, the entire game would have crushed in thousands of pieces. So now I’m tired, but sooo happy about it! And I made it in two days (or was that three…?)!

Now I can sleep.