Dealer’s Life updated: version A:0.29

Our weekend was pretty busy working on Dealer’s Life so a Google Play update notification is going to reach our testers as we have just released another update!

Oh hi, look at me!

Let’s see the change log:

  • HUGE graphical overhaul and performance improvement. We added also some graphical improvements for customers. Just look at them, they are so nice now! 🙂
  • More balanced events generation: some of them now do not appear on player first level and some old “brutal” events are removed, we also added new events.
  • Balance and difficulty changes: making money is now a LOT easier, hiring employees and moving to a new shop now costs a lot less. This is the first of a series of balance updates scheduled for the upcoming weeks.
  • Small increase in counterfeit item presence.
  • Many bugfixes.