Because… Graphics!

What a weird word for a programmer… but hey, this is going to be the facade of the game, right? First impressions come from there so let’s work hard on that!


I’ve always known I would put my hands on graphics again: I’ve got a very clear idea of how I want the game to look, and I know it wouldn’t come to it so easily. We’re two programmers and only one graphic here, it’s not easy to contain all work necessary to fit just one person. Luckily I’ve got some skills in making animations and playing with sprites in Unity, so I’m sure I’ll eventually come with exactly what I want, and it’s gonna be really good.

Graphics is a totally new field for a programmer like me, and I think that’s the reason of the quite huge performance problem that came out lately within our last internal test version… but after a couple of days of pure insanity in front of this monitor I can say I solved it! It was all a matter of sprite resolution and image compression… but I don’t want to bother you with boring technical details (Tanek already does that 😀 ). The one thing that’s really important is that I made the game 75% lighter!! Not 10% or 15%. SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT, and that’s a number given by Tanek so I’m sure it’s completely true! A few clicks here and there, a little hundreds lines of code rewritten, and yeah baby! Job’s done!

While I was doing that I was also thinking about actually putting some more details and improvements in the main scene of the game: I want the shop interior and UI elements to look quite different, so I talked about it with the team and we made a (long) list of changes we want to make to graphics. It’s all in a checklist that will become my Bible for the next days. I’m starting today with this task, so expect big changes in the game’s look in the real short future!

Animations… here I come!!!