Wow, another full time immersion in the magical world of shapes and colors has just passed like an hurricane! It’s been a day and a half, this time. I feel a little less tired than that “customers rendering” time but that’s just because now it was actually simpler… Anyway, what a change!! Now customers can MOVE! I mean, they really don’t move at all, but they use to… you know… jump around in the shop, if we want to say so. It’s not a real movement, they don’t, you know, WALK, but it’s something that reminds the South Park way to walk. And since I LOVE South Park, I think this is REALLY GREAT! <3


Finally I’ve approached with seriousness the feared Unity Animator, a tool that can radically change the way of programming, creating much more confusion in your brain… but in a good way!! Is it possible? Well, I suppose so… O_o

After a couple of hours of brain bombardment with new concepts and revolutionary ideas, deleting all my previous work and remaking it from the beginning just to discard it again… I came up with THIS:


This is ART, my friends. Can you see the balance, the symmetry of everything, the clear similarity with a space station…? This is real art… and it’s broken, of course. Obviously the final scheme is much uglier than this but at least is stable and perfectly efficient! Even Tanek, who tried to break it in every single way he could think of, had to admit it is UNBREAKABLE.


So after all this creativity we now have moving customers, new UI graphics, brand new shop with YOUR ITEMS shown on the shelves, and many other little & nice details I don’t remember having put in… but they’re there! I guess it was me, maybe during sleep.

Stay tuned for more updates and other details!