Dealer’s Life reaches Beta version!

Almost a month has passed and we barely noticed it!
We’re still here, we’re absolutely not dead! We’ve passed the last weeks working like crazy on DL and we’re finally here to confirm our official
Beta release! We’ve finally done it and since last Friday our testers are able to try this new version (B:0.38)!


Changes at the game are huge, guys, you better sit down.

First of all, let us say there’s another incredible work on performance. You probably won’t even notice this but the game is light and fast as it never has been before. The game itself is considerably small in memory size and installs faster. We’ve optimized all graphics and made it better overall.

But let’s go ahead to more noticeable and cool changes: let’s talk about the negotiation controller. We completely redesigned it, after a remarkable night of inspiration. Remember how it was? Full of buttons with a slider?


Ladies and gentlemen… We’re proud to show you our brand new controller!!!


Ok, ok, it seems quite identical to the original, apart from the slider not showing up anymore. And you know what? You’re quite right, but do not be fooled by mere appearance: using this controller is much more comfortable and intuitive than the one before! You just push and keep pushing + or – buttons and the price of your counter offer price changes progressively faster. Then you press the top button to make your new offer. No more slider, no more limits!

Next, let’s talk about your skills. Things have changed a lot here, since we tuned all the skills in many ways in order to have them as balanced as possible. We also inserted an exhaustive help window that explains in details every skill and its effects in game.


Finally we made a big refining job to make all these effects more recognizable by the player.

We’ve done this for your character but also for your customers! All psychological traits have been defined better, tuning the AI in order to make all behaviors more remarked. Also, we’ve changed the way your character recognizes those traits, making your recognition much more variable and uncertain, but much more enjoyable in terms of gameplay.


Talking about balance, we made some adjustments on employees hiring costs and skill increment costs in order to make the game more challenging and last longer.

Did I say “last”? Yes, because now we have different game endings!! We’ve introduced some win and lose conditions that will trigger if some conditions are verified! These conditions are, for example, if you… You know what? Find those out by yourself, I won’t spoil you anything!

And that’s quite all for now! We find the game much more enjoyable to play and we feel really good about this! We’re starting to see what we always wanted DL to become at the end… and we’re finally starting seeing the end of all this at the horizon!

I really would like to reveal you more on what’s coming as we already have new great changes that we have not released yet! A few things I think I can tell, if Tanek doesn’t censor my speech: you haven’t seen the final version of the trading controller, yet… and the first quest line is not too far away…. !!!

Stay tuned and don’t forget to follow us here, on Twitter and on Facebook!