Dealer’s Life updated: version B:0.42

Hi everybody!
Last week we released another update for Dealer’s Life following a lot of player feedback and proposals.

First of all, another negotiation UI revamp!


A better button disposition with price controls near the right border, both reachable by your right thumb, editable price (with Android keyboard) and a new blackboard (different on more luxurious shops) with all trade information.
This could be the final version of Dealer’s Life negotiation UI, we really like it and first feedback messages are very positive! What do you think?

Then we did another balance pass, as it’s very important with procedural content generation. We modified three main aspects of the game:

  • Charisma, one of the player skills, is now a bit less powerful, this should make late game negotiations more challenging.
  • Greed, one of the customers’ skills, is now more important during negotiation. That means that a greedy customer will try to shift the negotiation to his side in a more pronounced way and, on the other hand, a generous customer will be more open to make less money with your deal. This makes insight and competence, other player skills, a bit more powerful as it’s more important to predict customer behaviour and to estimate prices correctly.
  • We balanced employees cost, both active and passive, and now the low level ones are definitively cheaper.

Regarding active employees, they now have more detailed dialogues at the end of their tasks.

Speaking about dialogues, we dramatically increased customer dialogue repertory and added more combinations, so that they will have a lot of different and funny opening sentences when they meet you.


So, that’s all about Dealer’s Life latest update!
Don’t forget that these are the last days you can freely enter our Closed Beta and try the game, all you have to do is submit this form using the email of your Android account.

Stay tuned!