Dealer’s Life updated: version B:0.72

Hi Dealers out there!

Let me say it: today we’re releasing a ton of new content, you’d better prepare yourselves!

Let’s start with graphics: Item Pack #2 has arrived with 16 new items! The theme of this pack is skateboards and game consoles, toys that many of us love to play with! We really hope you like them! ;D

With version 0.72 we also made big changes to VIPs names. What is a VIP, you say? Well, we use to call that way people we link with items during procedural generation: gun belonged to Einstein, document signed by Madonna and so on, just to give you a couple of examples. We decided to second the humoristic nature of Dealer’s Life and go for funny names that can recall the real names they come from! The goal is to create a particular setting for the game, a sort of parody of the real world. It is a long term goal so new changes and content about this will continue to come in the near future!

As we were already working on VIPs names we also decided to drastically increase their number adding 40+ new VIPs! Now they’re quite a lot, it will take some time for you to discover them all!

Now let’s talk about what we did in response of some of your greatly appreciated suggestions! We made a couple of little changes to gameplay mechanics in order to give a better and quicker game experience.
First of all we changed the entrance animation: if you now select the option to skip the first customer animation, not only the first customer will appear directly at your desk but also other customers of the queue will appear directly in the shop. Should you quickly dismiss the first customer you won’t have to wait for the second to come anymore.
Secondly we altered the logic behind buyers. Remember those customers coming to your desk only to say: “Uh, I don’t see what I wanted to buy anymore. Well, farewell then.”? That occurred because we made the customers decide what item they wanted at the moment of their generation, which is at the very start of each day. Since it’s actually quite useless to have such customers in queue we went for another approach and removed them. You won’t see such customers anymore unless you actually do not have any sellable item in your inventory. Plus, now it’s possible for you to sell items you bought the same day, which is quite nice if you need to. 😀

To finally conclude this update, let me talk a little about Premium Version Bonuses. We actually desire to give the best gaming experience to everyone, but we sure know Premium Players deserve more love from us. Here at Abyte we’ve been talking about it for quite a long time since we, as gamers, know very well this is a delicate topic that could have heavy impacts on the overall experience. Eventually we decided to be prudent and to proceed by little steps here. Our first step comes with this new patch, in which we introduced a first big difference between the Lite version and the Premium version: from now on Premium Players will begin new games with double cash and a bonus item! Those will boost the early game quite a bit and grant more “freedom to buy“ in the very beginning.
As I said, this is only the first step towards the introduction of premium content, stay sure more will come shortly! The goal here is to give Lite Players a complete feeling of the game, granting almost every feature available in the Premium version, but also giving to Premium Players a much deeper and more varied experience.


And that’s all for… Oh, I can hear someone asking: “Hey, what about recurrent characters? I’m waiting for them! Where are them??”. Well they’re coming, just like the Winter XD Ok, just joking, they’re actually coming, I told you this was going to be a huge thing to develop and it actually is! Tanek almost finished the main engine that will manage all recurrent characters, while I’m writing down all encounters designs. It will be a lot of fun, I tell you that, but most of all once the engine is complete it won’t take long to see the first characters coming up! We have about ten different recurrent characters to introduce, with new features for the game, dedicated plots and mixed ones (that means involving more than one character), so it will take some time to put everything in the game. Expect all this to gradually happen during this summer anyway, so stay tuned!

We’ve finally come to the end of this update, I hope you’ve found something interesting here! See you for the next update and keep up the good deals!