Dealer’s Life and its Cloud Save

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A cloud and an arrow… that’s pretty clear 😉

Today we’ll speak about Cloud Save.
I know what you’re thinking, we’ve already said a lot about it in many previous articles but when it comes to preserve and manage your saved games “a lot” is still not enough. This awesome feature could not only save your too-many-hours-long game from oblivion but also grant you many practical advantages so it’s better if you know it well.

Let’s start from the beginning: what is a Cloud Save? Well, it’s an alternative way to save your game and store it on the cloud. Dealer’s Life usually auto saves quite often so you can shut it down at any moment without bothering about losing any progress, this save mode, though, will be present only on the device you were using and it will be overwritten every time a new auto save is made.
By making a Cloud Save you will take your current saved game and upload it to the Cloud.
This will grant you the following possibilities:

  • export your saved game from Dealer’s Life Lite to Dealer’s Life Premium, should you decide to go Premium in the middle of a game.
  • export your saved game to other devices, in case you buy a new mobile phone or a new tablet.
  • save a snapshot of your game that you can use to go “back in time” and get another chance, or maybe just to try another strategy without having to start again from the beginning.
  • recover your saved game in case of any issue with the local save on your device.

All those are pretty awesome abilities, aren’t they? Well, let’s now see how it works. It is really quite simple, to be honest: first you upload your saved game to the Cloud and then you download it when and where you need it.
In Dealer’s Life there are two ways to upload your saved game to the Cloud. The easiest and fastest way is by doing it at the end of every week while you’re in game.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can make a Cloud Save directly from the end-week notebook by tapping the Cloud Save icon on the bottom of the right page. By doing it every week you will always have a consistent, updated backup of your game.

The second way to perform a Cloud Save is from the main menu, by tapping the Google Play Games icon on the left of the screen, just under the flag icon to chose the game language.

Once you’ve done it you’ll get to the Google Play Games menu window, from where you’ll be able to see your GPG username, login/logout from GPG, view achievements, leaderboards, and guess what? Cloud Save!

But that’s not all about the GPG menu: from here (and from here only) you’ll also be able to download your saved game from the Cloud and overwrite your local save with it. Note that by doing this you will lose your local save so be very careful when doing it!

That’s all for what concerns Cloud Save! I hope you’ll find these tips useful, if you have any doubts with Cloud Saves let us know and we’ll do our best to help you out!

Stay tuned and keep up the good deals!

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  1. hi , i have one problem to ask , sorry about my bad English , i bought Dealer’s life at Steam but i can play at my home normally , but when i play the game at my office , i can’t load the same save , it starts a new game , what should i do , i want to play same save in two different location , i have a usb , which file should i copy to other PC?

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