Dealer’s Life updated: version 1.01 – Super Performance Update!

Greetings Dealers,
today we announce the release of the new and shiny 1.01 version of Dealer’s Life! Say hello to the Super Performance Update (SPU)!

What’s inside this update, you say? Well, I think the name says it all: a really huge performance boost!
Some Dealers out there have been reporting to us some general performance issues in the past but since we wanted to deliver the most complete gaming experience possible in the shortest time possible we went for new mechanics and content instead of ironing what we already had. Now that 1.00 version has arrived and all main pieces of the game are in place we felt it was time for a good improvement in terms of frame rate, battery consumption and device heating.
It took us quite a lot of time to do some research and come up with the perfect solution but here we are, finally! What we have here is a completely new Dealer’s Life, with so much code and graphics optimizations you probably won’t believe your eyes when you’ll get in game after updating!

The notebook animations are now smooth and lightweight!

But of course the SPU does not end here! This performance check took us a lot of time but we still found some more time to introduce new content!
With this new version we’re in fact releasing a gigantic pack of names and surnames that will be used for customers and employees procedural generation. This pack contains more than 400 new names and surnames, with so many references to fictional and real characters we’re sure you’ll find them unquestionably funny!

Let’s now talk about leaderboards!
Are you enjoying them? We really hope you made it to the top and you’re happy with them because another challenge is coming right now! We introduced two new leaderboards in order to give the deserved glory to the fastest Dealers who manage to win the game!
The first one (screenshot below) is for Dealers who win by fewer in-game days, the second one is for Dealers who win in less time. You heard it right, the less time you’ll take, the better! Are you ready for a speed run? Go get that first place!

We have of course included some bug fixes and some minor improvements too and those complete the list of changes for this update, we really hope you’ll like all the changes and improvements we made!
Remember to stay tuned because great news are going come in the near future. I won’t say that much about it at this early stage, but I think you should know that we already started working quite hard on the iOS porting of the game and on a very interesting new mechanic… anybody said auctions? 😀

Stay tuned and keep up the good deals!