Dealer’s Life updated: version 1.03 – Auctions are here!

Good day to all great Dealers out there!

A bit more than a month has passed since our last update, a lot of things happened but I’ll just mention a broken arm for one of us ?, which is the main reason of most delays we had these days. ?

Anyway, here we are with a new big update for Dealer’s Life! Let’s get straight to the point and talk about the greatest feature ever introduced after the historical advent of recurring characters: auctions are finally here! Many of you waited for them, we waited for them for a long time and we can finally say the wait is over: starting from version 1.03 you can now join auctions to compete for big treasures!

All my money on the old bronze medal signed by Mid Seier!

Here are the rules: auctions will take place only once a week and you have to own at least a commercial district shop to join.  If you are playing on the Lite version you’ll have to watch an ad to join, on Premium version instead there are no mandatory ads so this is new content for free and with no ads for our Premium players!
When you join an auction you won’t be able to get access to your inventory so make sure you’ll have enough space for the new coming items before joining in. Also, if you leave auctions you won’t be able to join them again for that week. You’ll have to be really sure that everything is ok before starting, it’s a one time shot per week!
Once you join an auction, you’ll be able to compete for a variable number of items, one at a time. During each auction you’ll face other bidders in a frantic real-time fight made of raises until the highest bid prevails! You’ll have very little time to decide whether to make a bid or not so be fast to get those great items!
I’ll also say that, as always in DL, you need to be careful with what you do: some auctions will get to a bid that’s greater than the item’s value, some will not, and in some other cases you won’t even have an estimated value! You’ll have to be smart and choose carefully if and when it’s time to bid or you might end up losing money!

No estimated price… that’s where your skill and your experience come into play!

So, be sure to check them out, you might even set it as a goal for leaving as soon as possible the Suburbs district!

Let’s now move on and talk about the New Context Pack #1, another big improvement that’s coming out with this version!
We decided to give some more love to items variety but this time, instead of providing new items, we‘re going to add new “historical” contexts that will be linked to items during their procedural generation! And by “historical” we also mean “we are going to surprise you with some video game/movie/pop reference which is not historical but it’s really cool” ?
So we added 40+ new contexts, both real and fictional, more than doubling the current number of contexts available! Will you be able to get them all?

I stand with the Dire Wolves…

Talking about game balance, with this version we made some adjustments to the ability to estimate items: we increased the weight of items rarity and player Competence, so that now the chance of identifying an item for lower rarities will be higher while the chance of identifying an item for higher rarities will be lower (of course in proportion to the rarity) and generally speaking the Competence will be more important in this check.
We implemented this change to give a little more importance to the Competence skill when it comes to find out the estimated value of an item, so if you now notice that you estimate legendary items less often don’t be surprised, rise your Competence instead!

Experts too use competence for their quick estimates!

Last but not least, in this release we also added a few changes and checks related to European GDPR.
We use some data that are now categorized as “personal data”, we do not use them in any way other than for usage analytics (which help us improving and balancing the game) and for tailored in-game advertisements: for the former you will be asked to give your consent the first time you’ll start this new version and you’ll be able to change that at any time in the options menu, for the latter we added how to opt out through your device settings to the Google Play Store description!
You can read everything about this and how we actually don’t use your private data in our Privacy Policy, which is now also available through the Google Play Store pages.

That’s all for this update! We really hope you like all the new features and improvements that come with it!

Stay tuned and keep up the good deals!