Dealer’s Life updated: version 1.06 – Summer Deals for Geeks

Hello Dealers!

Here we are with our latest great update, bringing Dealer’s Life to version 1.06!
We called it “Summer Deals for Geeks” update, can you imagine why? Well, let’s look what’s inside it to know!

First let’s talk about summer! Holidays are finally here, we all love to get some rest and relax somewhere quiet, with a lot of sun and possibly some sand and sea, right? Well, since we often like to give different dresses to DL, we thought it would be nice to make a summer theme in order to celebrate these lovely “do not disturb I’m on the beach” days! 😀 We hope you’ll like it!

Will that crab on my display be dangerous?

As usual, along with summer decorations for your shop we also introduced some thematic items, will you be able to find them all? 😀

Let’s move on now and talk about the next topic: deals! We listened to all your feedback about finding good deals in late game and we decided to make some more adjustments to items prices and their progression during the game. In version 1.06 you’ll get a minor increase in the average item value per level and a strong increase in the median item value per level. What does it mean? Well, from now on every item will be a little more expensive since the beginning, but you’ll get much more items that are worth a deal and less items that you want to discard! This will prevent you from having too many items that are not interesting in late game because they don’t represent a worthy investment. Items related to historic events or belonged to famous people will be more common than before, resulting in a much more varied, interesting and funny experience!

The Zyblon were created by men. There are many copies. And they have a plan.

In addition to this, since with more valuable items you’ll easily get more money (but it’s up to your skill, of course), we also changed the money threshold you’ll have to reach in order to win the game by having a lot of money, so prepare for a long run!

Speaking about the next topic: geeks! This is for all geek dealers out there! We are geeks too, so we just couldn’t wait to release another geek items pack! With this release you’ll get around 30 completely new and crazy items with really a ton of funny references to movies, cartoons, videogames and much, much more! We really hope you’ll love them since we definitely do! ?

Will I get hurt if I sit on that?

Last but not least, we know you love sharing with your friends all the wonderful items you find in the game so we added a share button when checking the item before starting the negotiation. We can’t wait to see what you will share, be sure to send your images to Dealer’s Life Twitter or Dealer’s Life Facebook Page!

And we got you covered if you want to share the game with your friends: there is a new share button in the main menu too, so you can easily let your friends discover and install the wonderful game you are playing.

And with this we reached the end of this update! We hope you’ll like it! Do not forget to come to our Roadmap or to our social pages and tell us what you think, we are always very happy to hear your feedback!
What’s next now? We are working on auctions where you can sell your items and a better visualization for the fact that the item was examined by an Expert and for the “fake” stamp.

Stay tuned and keep up the good deals!