Dealer’s Life updated: version 1.09 – Stamps and Engine Update

Hello Dealers from around the world!

Today we’re here to announce version 1.09 of Dealer’s Life, or “Stamps and Engine Update” if you prefer! We took quite a while to release it, even if it could seem a small update there’s really a lot of work behind!

The biggest thing here is the Unity update: as you may know, we use Unity to develop Dealer’s Life, a very powerful and versatile tool that is often updated to add new features and improve stability. We didn’t update it for a while so we went for it in these last days. Since Unity is huge and quite complex, every time it is updated it could come up with strange or unexpected behaviors which means new bugs in game, so before releasing we had to be absolutely sure that everything worked as good as before.

We also took some time to update our site and the Google Play Store screenshots, adding some new features like auctions and updating in game images with more recent pictures. Be sure to let us know what you think about them! 😀

Let’s now move on and talk about something different: item stamps! What are they? Well, let’s say they are a visual way to have specific information about your items.
We improved the “fake” stamp, which lets you know that an item is a fake and that you should treat it carefully since it could badly affect your reputation.

Note that not all fakes have this stamp, since it is applied only on items that you recognized as counterfeits. You can always assign an item to an Expert to analyze it and to be absolutely sure of its authenticity, but if your Expert finds out that the item is authentic how can you remember it to be 100% sure about its authenticity? Well, that’s the exact reason why we introduced the “Certified by Expert” stamp!

This new stamp will appear on items that have been analyzed by your Expert, so every time you’ll see this stamp you’ll know for sure that the item’s value and authenticity are undoubtedly certain. This is quite nice since it gives you a new important information about items and it can help you to take better decisions about them. Also keep in mind that once an item is certified by an Expert, you will always know its precise value: if you certify an item and then restore it, its new value as a restored item will be certain as well!
We think that this is a nice improvement because it’s best to keep them purely visual without any text inside them. Do you like them? Do you find them clear enough? Tell us what you think!

I’ll add one last thing about item stamps: this change was implemented to prepare the game for another upcoming feature! I’m talking about new auctions to sell your items! These are almost completed, I won’t say much about them for now but I’ll say you will need to be sure about items authenticity here more than ever if you want to avoid big troubles.

Last but not least, a huge news: during these days we made incredible steps forward towards Dealer’s Life iOS port and we are internally testing a release candidate build, the first iOS release has never been so near! So iOS Dealers, be prepared! 😀

That’s all for this update, we hope you enjoyed it, we can’t wait to bring you more awesome news soon!
Stay tuned and keep up the great deals!