Dealer’s Life updated: version 1.12 – iOS release!

Good morning Great Dealers of the World!

In this glorious day we are officially announcing that Dealer’s Life is now available on iOS with the new 1.12 version, released on Android too!
Starting from today, every Great Dealer with an iPhone or an iPad can download Dealer’s Life and Dealer’s Life Lite directly from the App Store!

This is a very big step forward for us, something that would have not been possible without the passion and support of you all, so our greatest “THANK YOU” goes to all our friends, our players, our fans and all our 1500+ followers on social pages! Thank you guys, if we reached this important milestone is also thanks to you!
Porting the game to iOS was a quite big task: we worked hard to guarantee the exact great experience and with this in mind we integrated Game Center, using its services to replicate Google Play Games services. Thanks to this, iOS players will be able to unlock achievements, see the game’s leaderboards and most importantly save to the cloud your progress! We will never stop telling you this: by cloud saving your game you’ll not only have a backup of your game but you’ll also have a way of transferring your game between devices (for example from iPhone to iPad) and from Lite to Premium version, so our suggestion is to save on cloud your game regularly in order to get the best of this feature!

The entire porting process took us quite a bit of time but we still found the time to develop something more! Since we wanted to increase the item awesomeness, we thought it would have been nice to give some love to item visuals and improve their overall quality: many items have been resized and repositioned for a better visualization while others have been modified and corrected. We really hope you’ll like them!
In addition to that we also introduced a nice visual effect in the item details screen that appears by tapping the item on the shop’s table: we added some colored rays behind the item’s image in order to visually represent the item’s rarity (and common items won’t have them, as they are… common!). In this way it is possible to have a good view of the item’s rarity and also a pretty visual effect, all in one!

Uh… What was that event again?

That’s quite all for this update! We are eager to know what our new iOS Dealers think about Dealer’s Life and hope to see you all on our Facebook page, on our Twitter profile and on our Public Roadmap!

Stay tuned for more updates and keep up the good deals!