Dealer’s Life updated: version 1.13 – New Items & Events

Good morning to all Great Dealers out there!
We are very pleased to announce that we just released the new and mighty 1.13 version of Dealer’s Life! There is a real lot of new content and improvements in this version, so make yourself comfortable and keep reading if you want to know them all!

Let’s start from new content: the brand new Item Pack #7 is out now, introducing furniture and houseware! From now on you’ll be able to find chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas and many other items related to the furniture theme for a total of almost 30 new item appearances and of course thousands of new combinations resulting from procedural generation!

Thrones are coming…

A new Random Event Pack is also available with this update! We didn’t release any new random event recently and many new features have been introduced in the game since then, so we thought that now it’s about time to give some more love to random events, extending their effects to game mechanics we hadn’t covered yet. This new pack includes 8 new events that will affect your reputation and item conditions! So from now on your reputation could be slightly changed by events: you could be a criminal and get a free boost of reputation, or you could be respectable and get an unexpected reputation bump, or anything in between. In addition your items could get repaired for free or be slightly damaged and it will be up to you to decide if a new repair will be worth or not!

An invasion of restorers!

Moving on, let’s now talk about game improvements. There’s really a lot to say here, we worked very hard to improve many aspects of the game!
First of all, as you may have already noticed form the above screenshot, we revamped the graphics of all alert and text windows. The new window appearance is now more regular and symmetric, granting a nicer look for you and a better space management for us to show text, buttons and everything else could be shown in a window. We hope you’ll like it!
Another small but very useful visual improvement regards the way task buttons are visualized in the inventory section of the notebook.

From now on, if you hired at least a Restorer, an Expert or a Forger, his “begin task” button will always be shown under every item you own, but it will be disabled if your employee is tasked on another item or if the item itself does not qualify to be assigned for that task. Of course it will also be disabled once you open your shop.
In order to give you a clearer idea, we will list here the right requirements needed to perform a specific task:

  • an item can be repaired by a Restorer only if it is not in very good condition
  • an item can be examined by an expert only once
  • an item can be forged by a Forger only if it has no “special features” (e.g.: being connected to a particular event or context, or being previously owned or signed by someone)

Will you remember them? Well, you really don’t have to since we also introduced a new help button in the employees section of the notebook that will give you all the details you need to know about a specific employee’s abilities and how they work!

Enough with improvements, you say? No way! Prepare yourself because the biggest ones are coming right now and have a huge impact on game balance! We always want to make you happy by listening to your awesome feedback and changing things accordingly, so this time we covered many aspects of the game, adjusting numbers and improving the overall experience for both early game and late game.
Since we introduced some new random events that affect reputation, we took that chance to make a new evaluation of all reputation ranges and modifiers, performing an overall adjustment on both ranges thresholds and impacts of all events that affect your reputation. For example your reputation starting point at the beginning of the game is slightly changed, making the overall reputation mechanic a little more challenging.
Moving on, we also hugely changed free gifts in order to make them more useful and rewarding, especially during late game: from now on free gifts won’t reward you with items anymore but in exchange they will grant you much more money on average! No jokes here, we’re talking about an increment of up to 800% of average money won from a single free gift in late game!

Why no more items, you say? Well, let’s say this: if you won a free item you could only try to sell it and make profit from it in a few days, but if you get free cash instead you can use it right away for every need you might have, and this includes having some more cash for an auction, buying some new skills or employees, or even avoiding bankruptcy just before it’s too late!
Have I mentioned auctions? We have improvements for them, too! We thought that auctions are great fun and it seemed quite a pity to make them available only after moving to commercial district, which is quite far in the game. So we changed this and now you’ll be able to join auctions starting from the Beginner fame level! We are sure that all our early game Great Dealers will enjoy this improvement and find a lot of cool rare items to fight for!

And that’s all for today’s update! It was a big one, we really hope you’ll like it! A lot of other news are coming soon, if you want to stay updated and keep in touch with us join our Public Roadmap!

Have fun and keep up the good deals!