Get 66% off Dealer’s Life during the Christmas Sale! ?

Good day to all Dealers!
We are here for a wonderful announcement: we are celebrating Christmas with a huge sale, offering Dealer’s Life Premium at 66% off!

We would like to thank everyone who played the game, everyone who wrote us feedback and discussed with us on our Roadmap, everyone who took the time to write a review, everyone who encouraged and supported us and all the players that acknowledged and praised the fact that our games have no IAPs!
Thank you because you are the reason why we love making games!

If you haven’t played Dealer’s Life for a while or if you just discovered that it is now available on the App Store, this is a good time to download it and see all the new contents and the improvements we developed during all these months! And if you are already playing it, this is a perfect moment to enjoy the benefits of the Premium version!

If you still have any doubts, here’s all the exclusive content that you’ll get with the Premium version:

  • No mandatory ads
  • Offline play
  • The Forger, a shady employee who forges items, greatly increasing their value
  • A whole new and exclusive district (Main Street district) with four new luxury shops, including the White House!
  • The exclusive “Grand Master” level, the highest game level achievable!
  • Hire multiple active (Expert, Restorer, Brainwasher, Forger) employees of the same type
  • Exclusive legendary starting item
  • Double starting cash

Aren’t you convinced yet? Well, here are two more reasons:

  • You’ll support a two-man indie team with player-oriented minds (and long time gamers), who decided to refuse to follow a business model with IAPs, energy to fill, time to wait and crystals to buy! There is nothing like this in Dealer’s Life, you get a one time purchase with everything unlocked forever and every purchase tells us that we have made the right choice! And with your support we’ll keep creating new premium games for you to enjoy!
  • This is the lowest price you’ll ever see!

So, what are you waiting for? Get Dealer’s Life Premium now! ?