Dealer’s Life Steam release approaches!

Hello everyone and welcome to our article regarding Steam release!

Let us introduce ourselves (again!)

We are Abyte Entertainment, a two-man indie team founded by Giulio Marra and Federico Palombini, two italian developers with more than 10 years of experience in business projects, from web to e-commerce platforms, and 30 years as gamers. In 2016 we decided to capitalize our experience and follow a new path, designing and creating our first video game: Dealer’s Life.

Our focus is to create great quality video games by developing deep and detailed mechanics and we think we managed to achieve it in Dealer’s Life through an extremely advanced negotiation engine, procedural generation of items and customers, special characters with multiple choices dialogues and random events!

Dealer’s Life history

You might already know us because Dealer’s Life is available on mobile devices on Google Play and App Store.
Those of you who followed us since our mobile release and all our updates know that one of our commitments is to avoid implementing “widely (ab)used” business models (AKA “In-App Purchases”, or IAPs).

We challenged the fact that all these mechanics are included by default in all simulation games, we thought about energy bars to refill, time to wait and loot boxes and we said “thanks, but no thanks”. So we decided to develop a Premium game that could be fully enjoyed by our players at their pace, when and how they want.

This stance towards our players also means that we decided to keep on releasing new content for free each month during these two years since our very first Early Access release on Android, adding new items, new mechanics and listening to feedback from our players!

And now?

So, enough with us and with our game’s history, I know you are wondering: what about now and the Steam release?

Well, on January 31st we are releasing Dealer’s Life on Steam after all these months of development as a “full game” but, as always, we won’t stop working on it!

Our next tasks

We are already working on:

You may have noticed the links in each of these tasks… that’s right, we have a Public Roadmap where you can track our progress (and see previews!), check all the planned tasks and releases and discuss them with us!Are you ready to open your shop and become the best pawn broker out there?

Feel free to let us know what you think on our Public Roadmap!

Thank you and keep up the good deals!

Your friendly indiedevs,
Abyte Entertainment