Dealer’s Life is out now on Steam!

Hello everyone!

Today, almost two years after our first early access release on Android, we are pleased to announce that Dealer’s Life is finally available on Steam!

We decided to help all new Dealers and create a guide, so if you want some helpful tips on how to become the best Dealer out there you can find them here:
And we also updated our existing guide here: “A way of success in Dealer’s Life”.

Speaking of development, as we said in our previous announcement we are already working on:

  • Steam integrations, meaning that soon you’ll be able to unlock our 45 achievements here on Steam!
  • A new set of 25+ items to be included in the item procedural generation (code name: “Houseware & Furniture Pack #3”)
  • Portuguese localization
  • Some dedicated PC improvements (such as keyboard controls)

In the meantime, let us know how you feel about the game! If you are having a good time, don’t forget to spread the word and share the game, it can greatly help us in this very important phase of our journey!
And of course the race for the best screenshot is on! Feel free to upload on the Dealer’s Life Community Hub your most expensive item, your funniest customer name or the newspaper article that made you laugh the most!

Speaking of references and funny articles, we are also always very interested in everything regarding new funny quotes and references to include in our game, as well as new ideas to discuss together and in case develop! Feel free to contact us here or on our Public Roadmap where we track all tasks and requests.

Keep up the good deals and stay tuned!

Your friendly indiedevs,
Abyte Entertainment