Dealer’s Life 1.20 Update: Heroes and Bad Guys!

A big hello to every Great Dealer out there!

After a short (and much needed!) break during Summer holidays we’re finally back with a new shiny update for you to enjoy! Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the mighty Heroes and Bad Guys update!

Here are the release notes:

V. 1.20

  • New Item Pack #10 – Heroes & Bad Guys! Look for 25 brand new items, from action figures to video games, from posters to iconic video game items!
  • Performance improvements and Unity engine update
  • Bug fixes

With this release we begin a journey into video games, movies and much more that will continue through multiple updates! As a first step of this journey, today we introduce the great Item Pack #10 with 25 new items concerning super heroes, super villains and some other popular characters! Be ready to fill your shelves with action figures, video game boxes, posters and much more!

Every single item here has a reference to real video games, movies or comics! Will you be able to guess all their references? Let the hunt begin! 😀

Along with Item Pack #10 also comes a huge quantity of internal updates that have greatly increased the game stability and overall performance. The biggest of them is surely the update to the latest version of Unity, which has brought to a new level of general optimization. Also many plugins have been updated and this was very useful in order to fix some rare issues you reported to us in the last months (e.g.: on Android, X86 Intel platform stability has been fixed with this update!).

That is all for this update! We’re sure you’ll like the new items, be sure to find them all! Also, be prepared for a lot of news in the near future: not only we will soon continue our journey into the geek world with some new and shiny item packs coming out, but also something really big is going to happen…

Stay tuned and keep up the good deals!

Your friendly indie devs,
Abyte Entertainment