Dealer’s Life 1.22 Update: Games and Legends!

Good day to all Great Dealers out there!

We hope you had wonderful holidays! After a small break for Christmas, we are again full of energy and ready to release awesome new content for Dealer’s Life! 😀
Today we are proud to announce the release of the Games & Legends 1.22 Update, with a lot of new content and nice changes!

Here are the release notes:

V. 1.22

  • New Item Pack #12 – Games and Legends! Look for 25 brand new items related to iconic video games and cartoons!
  • Improved background quality
  • Dynamic “max year” for modern items, VIPs and historical contexts
  • Enabled share button for taking screenshots
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes (“Hire” label on the “Hire Employee” article)

First of all we gave some love to PC platform by greatly improving the visual quality of shops, so now they look much better on a PC screen. On Steam we also enabled a dedicated in-game button to take screenshots of items, just like the mobile version.

Talking about items, we improved the year calculation of modern items and features by automatically considering the current year as the maximum year of production available! With this change, the game will automatically consider the current year (e.g.: 2020) in ranges for all modern items, VIPs and historical contexts, instead of a fixed year (e.g.: 2019).

But the biggest improvement we’re releasing with Dealer’s Life 1.22 update is our third and final step into the geek world: the new and shiny Item Pack #12 with 25 new items dedicated to video games and iconic characters!

This item pack, along with “Heroes & Bad Guys” and “Movies & Games” packs previously released, would like to be our personal and most devoted tribute to all great titles and characters we loved in the years, from the far 80’s till recent days. We have to say we are particularly fond of these items since many of them were an important part of our childhood as gamers and anime fans, along with many others we didn’t manage to include but we love in the same way. It’s thanks to them that we are now here, developing Dealer’s Life and hopefully many other titles in the future. That’s why this specific update is very important for us: it defines a very big milestone for Dealer’s Life, a big accomplishment for us with a personal touch to celebrate in our way the whole world of entertainment that has a special place in our hearts.

As of now, developing Dealer’s Life took us more than three full-time years and it now includes over 540 different items combined with nearly 200 special features (from connections with famous personalities to historical or fictional events), more than 100 different special characters encounters and random events, and literally countless references to movies, video games, real life events and much much more!
We spent really a lot of time and energy on our creation, polishing, improving and creating new content for it. Everything was released in more than one hundred free updates since our very first Alpha release on Android devices in September 2016.

Comparison between DL early alpha and DL 1.14 update (January 2019, just before the Steam release!)

Now that we feel that our game is solid and polished, we want to increase its price a bit to include all these years of work and all these free updates.
This is something that will help us but will not affect at all any player that has already bought the game, which we think is very important as we always want to be as fair as possible, especially with all the players that have already supported us!

What will come next, you say? Well, it’s been quite a while that we’re talking about something big coming out soon. Actually, all I can say about it is that big news require big effort to be announced. Be patient, Great Dealers, as something very big is coming

And with this cryptic statement we conclude today’s update! Stay tuned and keep up the good deals in this wonderful beginning of a new year! 😀

Your friendly indie devs,
Abyte Entertainment