Dealer’s Life and Steam Cloud

Hello to every Great Dealer out there!

After completing our internal tests, we are proud to announce that Steam Cloud is now available in Dealer’s Life! ː)

You asked to be able to continue your game from your laptop on your desktop at home and now you can do it! Of course also a PC change is covered, your save game will be saved on Steam Cloud every time you close the game and then the Steam client will automatically download it on all your devices.

If you are playing on just one device, everything will be taken care of automatically!
Also, as everything is managed by the Steam client, there is no need of a game update and the Steam Cloud will work right now.

If you currently are playing on two different devices be sure to carefully read the “Cloud Sync Conflict” window to let the Steam client know where is your latest save!
Here’s an example:

In this example, I am running the game on my laptop for the first time with the Steam Cloud enabled: the Steam Cloud files were just uploaded from tests on my desktop and are newer than the old save game on the laptop, the Steam client is asking me what files I want to keep. In this case, keeping the files from the desktop was the obvious choice but be sure to take a minute to decide, especially if you have two different saves.

Of course let us know if everything is working smoothly! ːdleggː
And remember that Dealer’s Life is on sale at 15% off during the final hours of the One Year Anniversary Sale!

We hope you’ll like this feature, stay tuned and keep up the good deals, great Dealers!

Your friendly indie devs,
Abyte Entertainment