Dealer’s Life 1.23 Update: Landmarks and Souvenirs + Sale 20% off!

Hello and welcome to all Great Dealers out there!

First of all, these are difficult times, we know that a lot of you are stuck at home right now trying to work or learn remotely and we really understand you because we actually are in the same situation since almost one month ago: we are from Milan, which is in Lombardy, the most hit region in Italy.
Try to keep your spirits up in these days, call your friends and your family, especially the ones you know could need a kind word in a situation like this, try to stay physically and mentally healthy, play the games you like (solo or with your friends) and make the best of your time.
And always follow all the instructions from your local health officials.

That being said, today we both are remotely here and one meter apart ( 😛 ) to announce the release of the Landmarks & Souvenirs 1.23 Update with a lot of new content! And, to celebrate it, we just started a new sale on Steam and Itch where you can buy Dealer’s Life at 20% off!

Also, the in-game Easter event starts today: your shop is sparkling with lights and decorations, look for some special items that are available only during the event!

Here are the release notes for this update:

V. 1.23

  • New Item Pack #13 – Landmarks and Souvenirs! Look for more than 30 brand new items related to landmarks and art pieces from all around the world!
  • You can now hire the Advertiser, a smart marketer who will attract more customers into your shop by performing advertising campaigns
  • Raised the cap of active employees (Restorers, Experts, Brainwashers, Forgers) from 2 to 3

So, let’s start with items: in this update you’ll find the new and marvelous Item Pack #13 with 30+ new items dedicated to landmarks and art pieces from all over the world!

We added many items from each country where the 7 languages currently included in Dealer’s Life are spoken and some iconic landmarks from other parts of the world.
We decided to use actual names of landmarks and pieces of art because we think this is better for player immersion and sense of belonging for the countries we included, also in this way everyone will recognize almost all the references.
Remember to take a screenshot and share it with your friends if you like a particular item!

Speaking about long time requests, we added a new employee: the Advertiser!
We prepared the assets for this new employee a long time ago following the idea of a passive employee who raises the average number of daily customers, during the development of this update we decided that we finally had to include him into the game and designed his role and his algorithms.
And here’s an Advertiser looking to be hired:

Those name and surname look familiar, aren’t they? 😉

To discuss further about this topic, here’s a list about all the things that influence the number of customers you’ll see daily in your shop:

  • Your shop is the first (and possibly the most important) thing: every shop has a maximum number of daily customers which of course influences the highest number that can be generated!
  • Your inventory gives a boost depending on how many rare, epic, legendary and mythic items you have.
  • The total value of your Luck skill gives a boost, so having 9 skill points in Luck and a level 3 Lucky Guy for a total Luck value of 12 gives the best boost possible.
  • Your Advertiser gives a boost depending on his level of expertise.
  • There are some Ongoing Events that influence the number of customers you’ll see, some are pretty strong (in increasing or decreasing them, depending on the event) and you will definitely feel them.

So, your shop changes the maximum number of customers while the other points change the average number of customers you’ll see!
Remember that, as always with the procedural generation, “on average” does not mean “every time” which means that you can hire a Level 3 Advertiser and still see a day with a low number of customers, but on average you’ll surely see his nice boost! ːdlsuitcaseː

Speaking about game mechanics, we also updated our guide to include the latest changes, it’s the same guide as always but updated, you can read it here:

Moving on, the last change in this update is related to how many active employees (Restorers, Experts, Brainwashers, Forgers) you can hire.
A bit of history on this topic: in the very early days of the game the cap was set to 1, using the same cap that by design is needed on passive employees (Clerks, Lucky Guys, Analysts, Profilers and now Advertisers). Those can’t be hired multiple times otherwise your skills would get a very high bonus and possibly overflow all the maximum values. Back then we listened to feedback from our players and understood that “more choices = more fun” and, knowing that active employees had no real constraints, we raised that cap to 2.
Following that very principle, we re-evaluated the impact on the game balance and we decided to further raise this cap from 2 to 3, meaning that it’s now time to do that crazy playthrough you have in mind where you have 9 Brainwash charges every day! 😀

In conclusion, Dealer’s Life now includes a total number of more than 570 items and, depending on the platform, from 9 to almost 100 new content updates, all released for FREE since the game release!
Be sure to grab your copy on Steam or on Itch at 20% off right now before the offer ends to live the ultimate pawn shop experience!

Also, we know we have already said it but be patient, as something very big is coming

And with this cryptic statement we conclude today’s update! Stay safe, stay tuned and keep up the good deals!

Your friendly indie devs,
Abyte Entertainment