Dealer’s Life 2 – Update #5: New Item Pack #2 and New Avatar Pack #2

Hello and welcome to all Great Dealers!

Today we are proud to announce the release of the new Update #5! 🙂

Here are the release notes for this update:

Update #5

  • New Item Pack #2: 13 brand new regional items to thank the countries that showed the most love for DL2! With our deepest thanks to all Chinese, Turkish and German players!
  • New Avatar Pack #2: two new Avatars to impersonate! We also improved the order in which all Avatars are shown when you start a new game.
  • Windowed mode: you asked for it and we delivered! You can now set the game in windowed mode and choose the resolution.
  • Improved: Colorblind friendly Newspaper Circles colors
  • Improved: Daily tip on employee weekly costs can be misleading. This text is now improved to include end of week wages.
  • Fixed: Coin items with category “Apparel”. Now these are correctly assigned to the “Home” category.
  • Fixed: Italian customer sentence

If you don’t see the update in your Steam “Download” section, try restarting Steam and it will do the trick!

These launch days have been very frantic but we are so happy to see how much you liked our new game, how many ideas and suggestion you gave us on Dealer’s Life Discord Server and how many kind words you have spent for us!
Please remember that this is an Early Access launch, if you followed us with DL1 you already know how much we work on our games in order to improve them, to add new content and to develop your requests!
And this is the second update in less than a week, so we hope that this shows how much we care! <3

Speaking about our next tasks, in January we’ll publish our Roadmap to show our plans in an handy image that recaps everything and you’ll see how many tasks we have in mind.
For now we can tell what we already started working on: New Item Pack #3, New Customer Pack #1, Avatar Pack #3 and more in-game currencies!

For now, we want to express our sincere gratitude and our best wishes for these holidays, please stay safe and try to take a break from everything, as this very particular 2020 surely had an impact. For these reasons, starting from the 24th till the start of the new year we’ll take a small break to recharge our batteries but you can be sure we’ll be back working at full speed and with all our hearts and minds in no time!
If you have any particular or urgent question, or if you just want to chat with us, our Dealer’s Life Discord Server is always the best way of reaching us, we are both gamers so we’ll surely spend some hours with our friends playing online. But please remember that this will be a break for us, so our presence will be limited.

That’s all for today, we hope you like this update, let us know what you think in the comments. And if you like the game, please consider writing a review, these can help a lot in spreading the word about Dealer’s Life 2! <3

Your friendly indie devs,
Abyte Entertainment