Dealer’s Life 2 – Update #9: Item Catalogue!

Hello and welcome to all Great Dealers!

Today we are pleased to announce the release of the new Update #9!

Here are the release notes for this update:

Update #9

  • Item Catalogue: a beautiful catalogue that shows you all items purchased across all your playthroughs. Check it in the “Extra” section of the main menu and let the collecting begin!
  • New Item Pack #6 – Tool Pack : 11 brand new items related to tools!
  • Item history or description – Part #1: now an item has its category description when it does not have its specific history/description
  • Confirmation popup before submitting a worse offer (to avoid mistakes)
  • Subtitle for customer type in the customer scan screen to help in identifying sellers/buyers/pawners
  • Improved character screen with more help buttons
  • Fixed a bug which caused unstoppable selling auctions

If you don’t see the update in your Steam “Download” section, try restarting Steam and it will do the trick!

The big tasks we are working on are still balancing end-game and auctions plus more in-game difficulties (easy/hard). But you can count on continued updates with more items and avatars in the meantime!

That’s all for today, we hope you like this update, let us know what you think in the comments. And if you like the game, please consider writing a review, these can help a lot in spreading the word about Dealer’s Life 2! <3

Your friendly indie devs,
Abyte Entertainment