Dealer’s Life 2 – Update #11: Balance Changes

Hello to all Great Dealers and a very hearty welcome to all new players!

While we are still celebrating our big milestone, today we are thrilled to announce the release of the new “Late Game Balance” Update #11!

Here are the release notes for this update:

Update #11

Late Game Balance changes Part #1: you asked it, we worked on it and we delivered! Greatly increased (more than +400%) average prices for item in mid and late game, greatly decreased (more than -90%) low price items in mid and late game.

Detailed list of improvements:

  • Improved special feature algorithm with higher chances to generate an item with one or two special features (VIP and/or historical context) in mid and late game.
  • Improved special features rarity distribution
  • Improved rarity algorithm with higher chances to have higher rarities items in mid and late game.
  • Improved fame level thresholds and progression. All Avatars now start with 2 skill points to provide more customization and a more interesting start.
  • Increased skill point purchase cost to reflect late game new average prices
  • Performance improvements

If you don’t see the update in your Steam “Download” section, try restarting Steam and it will do the trick!

Please let us know what you think about these changes in the comments below or on our Discord server.

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Your friendly indie devs,
Abyte Entertainment