Dealer’s Life 2 Google Play Release Date Announcement!

Hello and welcome to all Great Dealers out there!

We are happy to announce that Dealer’s Life 2 releases on Google Play February 23rd! ?
Save the date and come to chat with us in Dealer’s Life Discord server during the release! ?

Some of you may have noticed that pre-registrations are no longer available in the game’s store page. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about: the pre-registration maximum period (3 months) expired but we needed a bit more time to have our release version ready!
Every Great Dealer who already pre-registered will still receive a notification when we release the game! We’re sorry for everyone who is unable to pre-register right now, our suggestion is to stay tuned: you can be sure we’ll make big announcements everywhere when we release! ?

Just to remind you how much the graphic quality has been improved from the original Dealer’s Life, here’s a “before and after” GIF! ?

But new graphics are far from the only feature we’ve developed in Dealer’s Life 2, in fact you’ll find tons of improvements in every aspect of the game and lots of new features! Curious to know more about these changes? We’ll post a complete list of all Dealer’s Life 2 new features when we release!

We hope you are as excited as we are, rest assured that the Apple App Store release announcement will follow in a few days! Let us know what you think in the Dealer’s Life Discord server!

Your friendly indie devs,
Abyte Entertainment