Dealer’s Life 2 – Update #48: More Musical Instruments

Hello and welcome to all Great Dealers!

Today we are happy to announce the release of the new Update #48

 Community Feedback: all improvements that we have implemented with this update are based on community feedback or suggestions. We look forward to your feedback in our Steam Community Hub or on our Discord server.

Update #48

  • Item Pack #31: once more 12 musical instruments have been added for you to hunt down
  • Share buttons added to Trophy Hall and Personal Collection. Sharing is caring!
  • Fixed a bug having storage auction shutter not closing in new auctions
  •  minor localization fix
  •  Achievement tracking was greatly improved. See below for more details

For what concerns achievements, we did our best to develop a secure method that checks all achievements each time when completing the first in-game day after opening the game.
You can be sure that closing and reopening the game, loading your save game and completing an in-game day will mean that all achievements will be rechecked against the Steam Servers. As we save all statistics, this will be “retroactive” meaning that everyone that had issues could try this and see if the missing achievements unlock!

And as always, a friendly reminder if you haven’t already: please consider wishlisting our upcoming game Dealer’s Life Legend, it really makes a huge difference and helps us greatly 🙂

Dealer's Life Legend

Your friendly indie devs,
Abyte Entertainment