We’re Giulio and Federico, two Italian developers with almost 30 years of experience as gamers and nearly 15 as developers.

We are both computer engineers that have always dreamt to make video games and our dream is now coming true with Dealer’s Life.
It’s a long story… It began to see light nearly 10 years ago, with a prototype of a trading game with negotiation that Federico and Giulio made for a university exam. It was good at that time, but not something that could be really called “a game”. The indie game scene was not that good at that moment, so we both decided to go for other choices regarding our first job. It was a safer option, you know, but you can’t ignore your true passion forever.
After 10 years of professional IT projects in different companies (while doing personal side jobs developing basic prototypes and mini games, of course), we’ve decided that we want to fully commit to the path of developing a videogame starting from that old idea and we quit our previous jobs. Now we are embracing the mission of making a real videogame, something to put in all what we’ve learnt so far as gamers and developers!

We already have plenty of ideas for our next game and we would like to continue on this path, developing games as a full time job.

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