Dealer’s Life is out now on Steam!

Hello everyone! Today, almost two years after our first early access release on Android, we are pleased to announce that Dealer's Life is finally available on Steam! We decided to help all new Dealers and create a guide, so if you want some helpful tips on how to become the best Dealer out there you … Continue reading Dealer’s Life is out now on Steam!

Dealer’s Life Steam release date revealed!

Hello Great Dealers out there! We have wonderful news as we have officially set Dealer's Life release date on Steam for January 31st ! You can add it to your wishlist right now and you'll receive an email as soon as it is available for purchase! And of course, while you are waiting for it, … Continue reading Dealer’s Life Steam release date revealed!

The PC build is ready!

Hello Great Dealers out there!We are very pleased to announce that the PC build of the latest Dealer's Life version (1.14) is ready! And you can play it right now!We have just released it on First Access along with an exclusive bonus discount (4.99$ instead of 6.99$) for our very first PC players! But … Continue reading The PC build is ready!

Dealer’s Life and its Cloud Save

Hi there, Dealers!Today we’ll speak about Cloud Save. A cloud and an arrow… that’s pretty clear I know what you’re thinking, we’ve already said a lot about it in many previous articles but when it comes to preserve and manage your saved games “a lot” is still not enough. This awesome feature could not only … Continue reading Dealer’s Life and its Cloud Save

Dealer’s Life featured in Google Play Indie Corner!

Almost two weeks have passed since we woke up in the morning and found out that Dealer’s Life was chosen by Google Play to be featured in the Indie Corner in the “New Indie Highlights” collection. It turned out by accident while I was browsing data about store positioning, I saw a big (which would … Continue reading Dealer’s Life featured in Google Play Indie Corner!

The importance of the app store description

Hi everybody! This is the first article for the new "Indie Dev Insights" blog section we decided to start to give some insights to indie developers out there, to help you solve issues we already faced or to have a "in production" point of view on some topics. In this first post we just want … Continue reading The importance of the app store description

Meanwhile inside Abyte headquarters…

Hi there! Those were some very busy days filled with news and events, I am sorry if we were a bit missing but hey, let’s recap everything that happened! Of course the first bad news was the unsuccessful end of our Kickstarter campaign. We kind of saw it coming, I think the main issue here … Continue reading Meanwhile inside Abyte headquarters…


Wow, another full time immersion in the magical world of shapes and colors has just passed like an hurricane! It's been a day and a half, this time. I feel a little less tired than that “customers rendering” time but that's just because now it was actually simpler… Anyway, what a change!! Now customers can … Continue reading Animations!

Because… Graphics!

What a weird word for a programmer… but hey, this is going to be the facade of the game, right? First impressions come from there so let's work hard on that! I've always known I would put my hands on graphics again: I've got a very clear idea of how I want the game to … Continue reading Because… Graphics!

Hello World #2

As Fiz said, now that we are live on Kickstarter it’s time to introduce us and greet all new visitors coming here. So… Hi there! 🙂 I am Giulio Marra, or Tanek for everyone who knows me online, and I am the lead developer, project manager and algorithm mastermind of Dealer’s Life. I will be the … Continue reading Hello World #2