Become the World’s greatest Merchant
Become a Legend

You are a travelling merchant. Go from city to city while growing your wares and your riches with the aim of reaching the Capital and winning the Wandering Merchant Quest.

But, be extra careful! Not everything is as it seems in the peaceful and prosperous Empire. Beneath all happy smiles and glittering gold are whispers of deception, tyranny, and rebellion.

See where your quest for riches and honor will take you.

Will you continue to walk the straightforward yet challenging journey of a merchant? Or will you seek out the suspicious whispers and walk toward a different path of glory?

In true Dealer’s Life fashion, use all your negotiation, psychology and management skills to become a Legend!

Dealer’s Life Legend Main Features

  • Your wagon is your shop! Live the nomadic way and upgrade your shop along the way
  • Hire companions to create all sorts of magic potions to gain great powers and abilities
  • Powerful magic items! Increase your haggling abilities or buff your companions
  • Uncover the true story of the Empire! Which faction will YOU choose?

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