Dealer’s Life is a funny trade simulation with procedurally generated content that puts you in charge of a pawn shop.

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In Dealer’s Life you can buy and sell quite everything but you always have to negotiate with your customer to get the best price possible. There are plenty of different customers: some are stubborn and greedy, others are ready to throw money at you… the problem is knowing who is what!


Those are the main features of Dealer’s Life:

  • hundreds of thousands of procedurally generated items to buy and sell.
  • there’s no fixed price for anything: you and your customers have to evaluate every single item you encounter, according with your ability to do that. In every negotiation, it’s really easy to have different ideas of the value of an item, so it’s not so fast to come to a compromise.
  • countless procedurally generated customers to deal with, very different in appearance and personality. Customers have different reactions during negotiations according to their personality traits and these can be recognized by details of the appearance of the customer himself, thus putting attention to this could result in knowing your customer’s reactions and using them at your advantage.
  • hire and fire from a vast range of different employees to help you in the shop in many different ways.
  • move to a new shop with new furniture, more space for items and employees and in a better neighborhood, to attract more clients.
  • random events that could happen anytime and have effects that can go from minimum to catastrophic.
  • parallel plot flows linked to recurring characters that can unpredictably appear during the game, bringing you rewards, quests, choices that change the story, challenges or even mini games.
  • counterfeit items, that are falsifications of rare and valuable items: they’re difficult to recognize if you don’t have enough skill and they’re equally difficult to sell to competent customers.
  • lots of humour and quotes from cult movies or videogames.

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The game is currently available on Android (with iOS and Steam releases planned for the future) in two version: Dealer’s Life Lite which is free with ads and Dealer’s Life Premium version that includes plenty of exclusive content:


  • no mandatory ads
  • offline play
  • exclusive bonus legendary item and double cash every new game
  • a whole and exclusive luxury shop district where you will be able to reach the highest fame level (Grand Master level)
  • the Forger, an exclusive employee who forges fake items, greatly improving their value.
  • the possibility of hiring multiple active (Expert, Restorer, Brainwasher, Forger) employee of same type

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