Dealer’s Life updated: version 1.11 – Scary Deals Update

Welcome back Dealers!

Today we’re very proud to announce a shiny new version for Dealer’s Life, thanks to what we’ve called “Scary Deals Update”! Strange name, isn’t it? Let’s look what’s in the box this time!

Halloween is coming! That’s why Dealer’s Life now has a new look: with this update comes the brand new Halloween Theme, full of pumpkins, witches and skeletons! It’s a common tradition to all our special themes and in Halloween Theme too you will have all your shop nicely decorated and you’ll also be able to find theme dedicated items that you will find only during this period. Will you be able to find them all?

Moving on, let’s get to the biggest new feature coming with Scary Deals Update: auction sales!
Yes, you got it right: from now on, if you own a shop in at least the commercial district, you’ll be able to sell on auction an item of yours! Every Monday morning you will find a special article on the newspaper from witch you’ll be able to choose an item to be sold on auction during the week. You’ll receive the sale result on Saturday, one day before the fearful weekly expenses! What’s the advantage in this, you say? Well, we all know that anything could happen during a week: bad events, bad guys coming to your shop, bad deals… How can you be sure to get to the end of the week with enough cash to pay your expenses? Let’s be honest, you simply can’t BUT if you “invest” an item in order to keep it away from bad happenings and get its selling value just before having to pay, that could be interesting… Yes, because you can be sure on one thing about auctions sales: your item will always be sold, always. No matter what. Maybe you won’t make your best deal selling an item this way but hey it’s still shining cash, right?

Oh wait, I was about to forget the most fearsome detail about auctions sales: if you mistakenly sell a fake item on auction, bad things will happen! People at auctions don’t like to buy fakes so a special task force of Experts checks every item that comes to be sold on auction. This also explains why you’ll never find a fake to buy on your actions, the Experts task force protects your auctions as well, but let’s stay on the point: you simply won’t be able to sell on auction an item that you know to be a fake, but if the item is a fake and you don’t know it… well, that could be troublesome: your item will be confiscated, you won’t gain anything from it and your reputation will drop a lot! The worst thing is that you’ll come to know it only on Saturday and if that item of yours was your weekly expenses insurance that would be quite annoying. So here is my advice: if you want to live without any stress, try to sell on auction only items that are certified by your Expert, you can easily find them thanks to the brand new item stamp we introduced in our previous update!

Surely Mad Onna is not the owner of that nice Stellar Voyage starship scale model!

Next thing we introduced in this update is a new image in the Free Gift article, just to make it nicer to the eyes. As you also saw in the auction window above, we have implemented some graphic improvements and we are evaluating more of them, just to add some more variety and color. What do you think about them?

As you can see, we also introduced some effects in the background to give a little more emphasis, we know that we can do something different with them and… I won’t tell you more about it for now but stay sure you’ll see those rays again in our next release and I’m sure you’ll love them! 😀

That’s all for what concerns the Scary Deals Update but we still have something huge to announce: Dealer’s Life iOS version is currently in closed Beta!
The first Beta testers are already enjoying the game on their iPhone and iPad devices and things seem to go very well! If you want to join the Dealer’s Life Lite iOS Closed Beta you just have to submit this Google Form, you could be selected to be included in the Apple TestFlight Closed Beta group and receive an invite to start playing the game right now!
So be prepared: Dealer’s Life is coming to iOS!

That’s really all for now. Stay tuned for new great updates and keep up the good deals!


Dealer’s Life updated: version 1.06 – Summer Deals for Geeks

Hello Dealers!

Here we are with our latest great update, bringing Dealer’s Life to version 1.06!
We called it “Summer Deals for Geeks” update, can you imagine why? Well, let’s look what’s inside it to know!

First let’s talk about summer! Holidays are finally here, we all love to get some rest and relax somewhere quiet, with a lot of sun and possibly some sand and sea, right? Well, since we often like to give different dresses to DL, we thought it would be nice to make a summer theme in order to celebrate these lovely “do not disturb I’m on the beach” days! 😀 We hope you’ll like it!

Will that crab on my display be dangerous?

As usual, along with summer decorations for your shop we also introduced some thematic items, will you be able to find them all? 😀

Let’s move on now and talk about the next topic: deals! We listened to all your feedback about finding good deals in late game and we decided to make some more adjustments to items prices and their progression during the game. In version 1.06 you’ll get a minor increase in the average item value per level and a strong increase in the median item value per level. What does it mean? Well, from now on every item will be a little more expensive since the beginning, but you’ll get much more items that are worth a deal and less items that you want to discard! This will prevent you from having too many items that are not interesting in late game because they don’t represent a worthy investment. Items related to historic events or belonged to famous people will be more common than before, resulting in a much more varied, interesting and funny experience!

The Zyblon were created by men. There are many copies. And they have a plan.

In addition to this, since with more valuable items you’ll easily get more money (but it’s up to your skill, of course), we also changed the money threshold you’ll have to reach in order to win the game by having a lot of money, so prepare for a long run!

Speaking about the next topic: geeks! This is for all geek dealers out there! We are geeks too, so we just couldn’t wait to release another geek items pack! With this release you’ll get around 30 completely new and crazy items with really a ton of funny references to movies, cartoons, videogames and much, much more! We really hope you’ll love them since we definitely do! 😆

Will I get hurt if I sit on that?

Last but not least, we know you love sharing with your friends all the wonderful items you find in the game so we added a share button when checking the item before starting the negotiation. We can’t wait to see what you will share, be sure to send your images to Dealer’s Life Twitter or Dealer’s Life Facebook Page!

And we got you covered if you want to share the game with your friends: there is a new share button in the main menu too, so you can easily let your friends discover and install the wonderful game you are playing.

And with this we reached the end of this update! We hope you’ll like it! Do not forget to come to our Roadmap or to our social pages and tell us what you think, we are always very happy to hear your feedback!
What’s next now? We are working on auctions where you can sell your items and a better visualization for the fact that the item was examined by an Expert and for the “fake” stamp.

Stay tuned and keep up the good deals!

Dealer’s Life updated: version 1.03 – Auctions are here!

Good day to all great Dealers out there!

A bit more than a month has passed since our last update, a lot of things happened but I’ll just mention a broken arm for one of us 😣, which is the main reason of most delays we had these days. 😔

Anyway, here we are with a new big update for Dealer’s Life! Let’s get straight to the point and talk about the greatest feature ever introduced after the historical advent of recurring characters: auctions are finally here! Many of you waited for them, we waited for them for a long time and we can finally say the wait is over: starting from version 1.03 you can now join auctions to compete for big treasures!

All my money on the old bronze medal signed by Mid Seier!

Here are the rules: auctions will take place only once a week and you have to own at least a commercial district shop to join.  If you are playing on the Lite version you’ll have to watch an ad to join, on Premium version instead there are no mandatory ads so this is new content for free and with no ads for our Premium players!
When you join an auction you won’t be able to get access to your inventory so make sure you’ll have enough space for the new coming items before joining in. Also, if you leave auctions you won’t be able to join them again for that week. You’ll have to be really sure that everything is ok before starting, it’s a one time shot per week!
Once you join an auction, you’ll be able to compete for a variable number of items, one at a time. During each auction you’ll face other bidders in a frantic real-time fight made of raises until the highest bid prevails! You’ll have very little time to decide whether to make a bid or not so be fast to get those great items!
I’ll also say that, as always in DL, you need to be careful with what you do: some auctions will get to a bid that’s greater than the item’s value, some will not, and in some other cases you won’t even have an estimated value! You’ll have to be smart and choose carefully if and when it’s time to bid or you might end up losing money!

No estimated price… that’s where your skill and your experience come into play!

So, be sure to check them out, you might even set it as a goal for leaving as soon as possible the Suburbs district!

Let’s now move on and talk about the New Context Pack #1, another big improvement that’s coming out with this version!
We decided to give some more love to items variety but this time, instead of providing new items, we‘re going to add new “historical” contexts that will be linked to items during their procedural generation! And by “historical” we also mean “we are going to surprise you with some video game/movie/pop reference which is not historical but it’s really cool” 😀
So we added 40+ new contexts, both real and fictional, more than doubling the current number of contexts available! Will you be able to get them all?

I stand with the Dire Wolves…

Talking about game balance, with this version we made some adjustments to the ability to estimate items: we increased the weight of items rarity and player Competence, so that now the chance of identifying an item for lower rarities will be higher while the chance of identifying an item for higher rarities will be lower (of course in proportion to the rarity) and generally speaking the Competence will be more important in this check.
We implemented this change to give a little more importance to the Competence skill when it comes to find out the estimated value of an item, so if you now notice that you estimate legendary items less often don’t be surprised, rise your Competence instead!

Experts too use competence for their quick estimates!

Last but not least, in this release we also added a few changes and checks related to European GDPR.
We use some data that are now categorized as “personal data”, we do not use them in any way other than for usage analytics (which help us improving and balancing the game) and for tailored in-game advertisements: for the former you will be asked to give your consent the first time you’ll start this new version and you’ll be able to change that at any time in the options menu, for the latter we added how to opt out through your device settings to the Google Play Store description!
You can read everything about this and how we actually don’t use your private data in our Privacy Policy, which is now also available through the Google Play Store pages.

That’s all for this update! We really hope you like all the new features and improvements that come with it!

Stay tuned and keep up the good deals!

Dealer’s Life updated: version 1.01 – Super Performance Update!

Greetings Dealers,
today we announce the release of the new and shiny 1.01 version of Dealer’s Life! Say hello to the Super Performance Update (SPU)!

What’s inside this update, you say? Well, I think the name says it all: a really huge performance boost!
Some Dealers out there have been reporting to us some general performance issues in the past but since we wanted to deliver the most complete gaming experience possible in the shortest time possible we went for new mechanics and content instead of ironing what we already had. Now that 1.00 version has arrived and all main pieces of the game are in place we felt it was time for a good improvement in terms of frame rate, battery consumption and device heating.
It took us quite a lot of time to do some research and come up with the perfect solution but here we are, finally! What we have here is a completely new Dealer’s Life, with so much code and graphics optimizations you probably won’t believe your eyes when you’ll get in game after updating!

The notebook animations are now smooth and lightweight!

But of course the SPU does not end here! This performance check took us a lot of time but we still found some more time to introduce new content!
With this new version we’re in fact releasing a gigantic pack of names and surnames that will be used for customers and employees procedural generation. This pack contains more than 400 new names and surnames, with so many references to fictional and real characters we’re sure you’ll find them unquestionably funny!

Let’s now talk about leaderboards!
Are you enjoying them? We really hope you made it to the top and you’re happy with them because another challenge is coming right now! We introduced two new leaderboards in order to give the deserved glory to the fastest Dealers who manage to win the game!
The first one (screenshot below) is for Dealers who win by fewer in-game days, the second one is for Dealers who win in less time. You heard it right, the less time you’ll take, the better! Are you ready for a speed run? Go get that first place!

We have of course included some bug fixes and some minor improvements too and those complete the list of changes for this update, we really hope you’ll like all the changes and improvements we made!
Remember to stay tuned because great news are going come in the near future. I won’t say that much about it at this early stage, but I think you should know that we already started working quite hard on the iOS porting of the game and on a very interesting new mechanic… anybody said auctions? 😀

Stay tuned and keep up the good deals!

Dealer’s Life updated: version 1.00 – Out of Early Access!

To all Great Dealers out there,

nearly one year ago a new game came out of nowhere, its name was Dealer’s Life. Little by little it started to grow, making its first steps in the gaming scene. Players liked it and the developers saw it was a good thing.
Months have passed since that very first moment… It feels like an entire life to us but every day spent working non-stop and every hard moment we experienced during these months now seem a fair price. Today is a great day: today Dealer’s Life hits 1.00 version! Today we release our very first game in its very first complete version!

Even if we go on working on it, we think that this 1.00 version is complete from our game design perspective and it’s an incredible goal to reach for us: it really is something we’ve been dreaming of since the very beginning, we’re so happy and proud of having done this much! It would have never happened without all your awesome reviews, feedback and support so here we want to publicly thank you, Great Dealers around the world, because your love for Dealer’s Life is the reason for us to be here.
To celebrate this historic moment, we decided to start another sale for Dealer’s Life Premium which is now 66% off on Google Play Store till April 2nd! So, what are you waiting for? This is the right time to start playing DL or to switch from Lite to Premium!

But enough with emotions, let’s now talk about what’s inside this historic milestone since there is really a lot to show!

Graphic improvements! It has been a long time since we wanted to work on these but we never found the right moment… till now! How can a 1.00 version be released without a little beautician treatment? So we worked hard on many details here and there in order to improve the general visual feeling of the game, we really hope you like what we’ve done! Here is a complete list of all improvements:

  • smoother windows animation
  • new background for message windows
  • resized some windows to make them bigger and more readable
  • added an animation to highlight the “OPEN” button during the start of the day
  • better item positioning on the shop’s table and in the item details window
  • removed and changed the disclaimer window automatic popup in main menu (you will still get it from the “Info” button)
  • added new icons in the character section of the notepad to highlight the reputation slider and the “My Story” section

  • more colors for circles on the newspaper, with same color code of the notepad tabs: violet for employees, yellow for free gifts, blue for shops, green/red for good/bad events

  • better layout for the end of the trade window, giving more importance to the actual money gained (or lost 😀 )
  • new colors for windows titles
  • new backgrounds on every page of the notebook to better highlight the current section you’re browsing

  • better animation for the client’s balloon and dialogue choice buttons
  • a new and shiny slider in inventory and employees sections of the notebook to better display all active tasks and their time to completion.

In addition to that we also gave some more attention to the sound compartment with more button sounds in main menu, Google Play Games menu, options and character customization screens.
There are still some other changes we would like to introduce regarding this topic, you’ll surely see more on the following releases.

Talking about graphics we’re not finished yet: do you remember the “Christmas theme” we released on December? Well now it’s time for a new holiday theme! Guess what? You got it! Easter theme! During the next days you will have all your shops decorated with Easter eggs and lovely bunnies, and it will be possible to buy and sell Easter related items too! Since this feature we built is designed to manage multiple themes, expect more holiday themes to be released in the future!

You still want more? Item Pack #5 is out now with 30+ new items, bringing the total number of items to 348! This pack is sports themed, so get ready to haggle for footballs, tennis rackets, golf clubs, boxing gloves and much, much more! Of course, as usual, this item pack includes every kind of item rarity so you can expect nice surprises at every stage of the game!

Let’s now talk about employees. We all love to have powerful employees at our side, especially employees that perform tasks on items. We analyzed all employees we made so far and realized that the Expert was good but could be better if he could give some more value to items he works on, just like the Restorer. Since we wanted to diversify the effect from the Restorer’s one, we went for a great idea from Bryan (thank you!), the really Great Dealer who suggested it in our Public Roadmap (here’s the card). The idea was to make the Expert being able to find hidden traits on items he analyzes (such as the signature of a VIP or a link with some historical context) greatly increasing their actual value!
Of course, the chance to succeed is quite small and it will increase with the Expert’s level so do not expect that to happen so often with a level 1 Expert…

Speaking about powerful employees… here comes the Forger! All Premium players will be able to hire this long awaited employee and start playing as criminals for real! I mean… I’m not saying that you should be criminals at all, being a criminal is bad and you should all respect the laws… But in case you hired a Forger by mistake you should know that he’s able to transform an item into a much more valuable, fake copy of itself. He will take quite a lot of time to do it and you won’t know how much it will cost till the end of the task, but most of his results will come out to be really serious profits if you manage to sell the fake item to the right person… but I’m not saying that you should! You know it: if you get a fake you should give it to the police or destroy it. ;D

With this version we also worked on game balance: we always want to improve it since more and more of you are playing late games and provide us most useful feedback about your gaming experience (thank you Don Diego, the most enthusiast Great Dealer in our Public Roadmap! :D). We listen to you guys and we do our best to improve the game with your feedback, so these changes are for you:

  • increased the maximum number of working locations in shops so you can hire more employees!
  • increased the average number of customers you will receive every day so you will get more deals!
  • increased item average price during mid and late game, so you’ll have more gains and risks!

Another important improvement we included with this release will surely make happy all our French speaking players! I am talking about French Localization! Now the total number of languages included in the game has risen to 5, with Portuguese as our next target!

Last but not least, with this release we also made some changes in the game save process, greatly decreasing the save game file size and improving saving performances. We had few reports of saving issues and, even if these were a very small percentage of all our players, we wanted to improve the process and with this change we are minimizing the risk of a game save failure. Remember that if you are one of the few players with a save game issue, you should try granting the “SD access” permission to the game to see if that solves (we added that optional permission for this very reason on some specific devices).
In any case we will never stop to suggest to save your game in the Cloud every now and then so if anything happens you can always have a backup!

And that is all for the mighty 1.00 version! We really hope you’ll like all these improvements!
Stay tuned for more updates and keep up the good deals!

Dealer’s Life updated: version B:0.94 – Biggest Update Ever

Hello and welcome back, Dealers from all over the world!

Today we’re here to announce the release of what we call the Biggest Update Ever, and if you’re smart enough you already know from its name that this is going to be huge! We worked really hard and really long on this because the amount of new content and mechanics involved is really enormous.

Where to begin? Well, l’d say let’s start from the biggest: Encounters Pack #2 has arrived! It took quite a long time to be implemented but we really wanted to make it as balanced and entertaining as possible. We redesigned and improved the overall structure a couple of times and now we’re finally out with more than twice the number of encounters we had before! We added a completely new recurring character named Randal Tombs with a lot of new encounters related to him. I won’t say much about him, I’ll just say that Randal is your neighbor and runs a pawn shop as well, he likes challenges and bets so be prepared to play with him!

And you are…?

Along with Randal’s encounters we introduced some new encounters related to existing characters, improving the integration between different plots and adding some new funny ways to get rid of the local mafia. The entire structure of new encounters is designed to follow you from the very start to the end of your game but it’s quite flexible so you’ll be able to see most of encounters even if you’re currently in the middle of a game. My personal advice, though, is to begin a new game if you want to experience the new game’s mechanics at their best.

Since there are now so much new encounters available, we decided to increase the frequency of encounters during the game in order to get one encounter on an average of a week and a half, which is much more often than before! This will surely grant you a ton of variety and surprises during the entire game so be prepared to receive a lot of recurring characters in your shop and listen to their crazy stories!

Oh wait…

There’s no new encounter without new goals, so guess what? New Achievements Pack #3 has arrived, too! We introduced some new funny achievements related to new encounters you can unlock by exploring different plots. Of course they’re secret achievements, we don’t want to spoil you anything about what you will find!

We also improved the “My Story” notebook section by making a lot of changes to what is displayed there, so now you’ll mainly find information about quests you completed or quests you’re going to complete, just to keep track of what you have done or what you have to to in order to proceed. If you are already in the middle of a game it could happen that some entries in your “My Story” section will change or disappear with this update. Do not panic: all your actions and choices are still there, we only changed a bit the way to display them!

Let’s now talk about another big improvement: we finally introduced leaderboards in the game! I personally really love this new feature since I couldn’t wait to see how good you are at playing Dealer’s Life and how much can you beat me at it! And, I must say, during Beta testing you really beat me a lot… But I won’t surrender!

We introduced a good number of different leaderboards here and this is a really interesting thing since they actually grant different types of challenges:

  • Top Grossing Item: here you will find the most profitable items of all time. They’re not registered by their real value but by the value you achieved to sell them, so you’d better make a good deal!
  • Top Grossing Dealers – first 4 weeks: this leaderboard is for players who like early game! How much can you gain in a tiny game time window of only 4 weeks? Do your best to get to the top! And if you fail do not worry: it’s only a matter of half an hour to make another try!
  • Top Grossing Dealers – first 16 weeks: you like the concept of the 4 weeks leaderboard but you think the game time window is too tiny? This leaderboard is for you!
  • Top Grossing Dealers: this is the ultimate and massive leaderboard of all of you, registering your progress during all your games, the only limit here is winning the game: if you choose to go on “infinite mode” after that, your score won’t be registered anymore, you’ll have to begin a new game.

Of course you won’t have to choose in which leaderboard to go, everything is done automatically according to your in-game day: for the first 4 weeks of game you’ll be registered in all 3 “Top Grossing Dealers” leaderboards, after the 4th week you’ll be registered only in two and after the 16th week you’ll see your score posted only in the last leaderboard. And you’ll always be registered in the “Top Grossing Item” leaderboard, unless of course you go on “infinite mode”.

Since we think this leaderboard thing is quite cool we decided not only to give you access to that in the main menu (in the Google Play Games menu) but also to put a direct link to leaderboards in the notebook at the end of every week, so you can see your weekly progress without leaving the game!

Do you notice something new from the image above? You got it! We now let you Cloud Save in the same section of the notebook so you will be able to upload your game to the Cloud more easily! Having a Cloud Save is really useful: you can keep it as a backup if something goes wrong with the game, you can use it to export your game to other devices or you can even use it to transfer your game from Lite version to Premium version of DL! So what are you waiting for? Cloud Save now!

Do you think we’re done with this update? Wrong! We just can’t stop improving the game and since DL is cool because is funny, here it comes the most awaited Newspaper Article Pack #1! What is it? Well, it’s a big pack of 30+ articles that will randomly appear in the newspaper at the beginning of every day, they have no practical use but they’re quite fun to read and we have to admit we love to write them. They’re full of references about video games, movies and real life and we really hope they’ll make you laugh!
Talking about this, we would like to thank everyone who joined our Crazy News Contest submitting a real lot of proposals for new articles to put on the newspaper! We laughed for days! Most of your entries were pure masterpieces but we had to choose a limited number so we selected the best 4 articles and declared the 4 winners who got a free copy of Dealer’s Life Premium! Again, thank you very much to all of you, we really hope to repeat this experience in the future so keep your crazy ideas safe for the next trial!

Of course all these new features come along with an infinite list of small changes, bug fixes and improvements we made in terms of game balance, game flow and overall visual feeling. I’ll mention here only the biggest: we increased the average number of customers especially in early game, restyled icons in main menu, improved animations for the beginning and the end of the day, and much, much more!

We have to say that with this update we’re really moving forward and taking huge steps towards the big milestone that is the 1.00 version! That’s it: we’re very soon going to get out of early access and finally reach the first final version of Dealer’s Life! This does not mean we won’t continue improving the game after that, but it means that we implemented all core features and mechanics we imagined for this game and we can consider DL out of open Beta! This is the biggest milestone achievable for us and we really are so much excited about it!
What are we working on, you ask? Well, for sure there will be the new Item Pack #5 (with sports related items!) and the French localization, then there will be some new shady employees in town. We don’t want to spoil too much but everything will be soon revealed on our Roadmap!

We hope you enjoyed all these great news about Dealer’s Life and we look forward to see you in game (this time for real! I’ll look for all of you in the leaderboards 😀 )!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and keep up the good deals!

Dealer’s Life updated: version B:0.92 – More Money

Good day to all Dealers!

We are here to announce that we just released a new version (0.92) code-named “More Money”!

The first improvement, as the code-name suggests, is related to the money tiers that your customers will bring (and show) during their offers: we increased the number of different sprites and restyled all of them!
This will let you better understand with just a glance the level of money the customer is offering, which means that now your jaw should really drop if you see that your customer is bringing a suitcase or a safe full of money!

Some of the new tiers for your customers’ money offers!

The next change in this release is connected to the VIPs that own or sign the items your customers bring you, we added the new VIP Pack #2 which is related to sports and gaming industry. You’ll see a lot of funny names that you’ll surely recognize as famous athletes or renowned game designers.

This is something I’d definitely buy in my pawn shop! <3

Next, we changed the soundtrack for the commercial district as we felt that it was a bit different from the others, both for thematic and genre reasons. So we browsed the collection of our beloved Kevin MacLeod and found a wonderful replacement, here’s the track along with some wonderful dancing mouse skills as always! 😉

Our huge thanks to Kevin MacLeod for his wonderful work in creating all these Creative Commons licensed amazing tracks!

Lastly, we fixed two bugs we introduced in 0.90 version:

  • on some Android 8.0 devices (but apparently on no device that Google uses for its automated pre-launch report…) there was a bug that prevented the game from correctly launching.
  • on French and Portuguese devices there was an issue with automatic language detection that set the language to French and Portuguese even if these localizations are currently not included.

We apologize for these inconveniences and we want to thank our players reports that let us know about these issues. We also would like to thank our friend Mario “Iocia” and our player Kym that helped us debugging the first and the second issue respectively, which helped us release a fix in less than half a day since each report.

So, what’s next now?
Well, we took a bit more time for this release (compared to the usual 4 weeks per release) because we were working very hard “under the hood” on new Encounters. This is actually already completed and it’s undergoing a final testing phase so very soon, after our tests and the localization of all the new dialogues, you can expect a new Beta release which will include a new special character (Randal Tombs, you can find more info here on our Roadmap) and a lot (and I mean REALLY a lot, the total number of encounters is more than doubled) of new encounters and dialogues. These will bring also improvements in the “My Story” section of your notebook to better describe all the encounters that you had, and new Achievements with some new achievements connected to them.
We are also developing the new Item Pack #5 which will be connected to sports: be sure to check the card on our Roadmap because soon we’ll post some screenshots about them!
Then we’ll very soon complete the new Newspaper Articles Pack which will also include the best submissions from our “Crazy news contest”! If you have not yet submitted your article, hurry up and check all the info here, then submit your article for a chance to be included in the game!
Last but not least, in these days the French localization was completed, it needs proofreading and the translation of all the new dialogues but we can assure you that it’ll be soon ready!

With all these changes in progress it’s easy to see our goal: we are closing all the major aspects of the game to release the “1.00 version” and close what we call an early access to the game!
With this great milestone of course we will not stop working on the game (the Roadmap is full of ideas and improvements) but we will be able to start with more confidence the iOS (and Steam probably) port and evaluate a price raise for the Premium version. But don’t worry, we’ll announce this change in time, so that everyone will be able to jump on the Premium train before its price increases. 🙂
And, speaking about price, be sure to check our social pages and our Premium version store page because we are going to celebrate one year from Dealer’s Life Lite release (on February 13rd) and one year from Dealer’s Life Premium release (on March 10th) and we are evaluating a “surprise”! 😉

That’s all for now, we hope you like this update, let us know what you think here in the comments or on our social pages!

Dealer’s Life updated: version B:0.88 – Über Piñata

Good day to all Dealers!

We are here to announce that, after a couple of weeks of Beta testing, we just released a huge new version (0.88) code-named “Über Piñata” (UP)!
The reason of this name is quite obvious: now Dealer’s Life speaks German 🇩🇪 and Spanish 🇪🇸 ! We hope all our German and Spanish speaking players will like this improvement, it will sure help them to fully enjoy our game!

Speaking about enjoying the game, we thought that a bit of Christmas theme would help feeling some good Christmas vibes! You will now be amused by Christmas lights, Christmas presents (you can even find them as special items!), Christmas tree and the ever-present Christmas hat!

But we wanted more for this release and so its real core is the addition of the new Mythic rarity along with the new “Geek items” pack! I won’t spoil much here, you will find a lot of movie and video game references, we know you’ll like them! Not all of them are rare so you’ll start seeing them right now, but you’ll soon discover that Mythic items are REALLY rare and expensive!

Can you get all the references?

These changes led to a global price balance that let us increase the average item price per rarity (with of course “mythic rarity” being the most expensive average) and increase the item price average for every fame level.
This was done with two goals in mind:

  1. a more rewarding feeling while buying and selling items.
  2. more interesting items for every fame level (which means less “skippable” items generated during late game).

Of course this affected “Free Gift” generation too, so expect better prizes (both cash and items) when choosing to open them at the start of your game day.
This is really awesome, we tested it thoroughly and we can say that now the game feels more rewarding, with a higher item price average and with more interesting items for every fame level! Let us hear your voice on this, we think that now the progression and the “general feeling” is really better.

Spoiler alert: a customer brought an android for sale!

Another task we completed with this release is related to performance optimization: we did a lot of tweaks and changes to cut memory and GPU usage, battery consumption and device heating. This is huge, during our tests we had great improvements on responsiveness and device heating (which means less battery usage) on both low-end and high-end devices. Let us know how the game is improving on your device!

Last, but not least, we checked all the English text and found a lot of small typos or mistakes that are now fixed! We apologize for these mistakes, we hope that now the English text is smooth and nice to be read, if you have any feedback on this we have a dedicated card on our Roadmap.

And that’s all for now, we really hope you’ll like all these changes!

What’s next, you wonder… Well, we will soon start working on the new Item Pack #5, on French and Portuguese localization, but we are already working on designing the Encounter Pack #2 with more special characters, dialogues and choices!
With this, we’ll be very near to what we call “1.00 release”, which means that we will consider Dealer’s Life a full game, increasing its Premium price a bit and focusing on other platform releases (surely starting with iOS), while of course improving it with new Item Packs and new features (even suggested by our players!).

Remember that you can always track and comment our planned tasks on the Public Roadmap where you can also give us feedback or propose new ideas or changes.

Stay tuned and keep up the good deals!

Dealer’s Life updated: version B:0.85 – Play More, Lose Less

Good day to all of you Dealers!

We have released a lovely update for Dealer’s Life, bringing to you the new and shiny 0.85 version, or as we use to call it, PMLoL (“Play More, Lose Less”). In this update we focused on providing an overall more enjoyable experience to everyone by making some more changes on recurring characters, bank donations and the Brainwasher employee!

Let’s proceed in an orderly fashion and let’s talk about recurring characters first. When we first released recurring characters, we heard some voices from you complaining about the chance of losing the game and since then we did our best to adjust this mechanic in order to make the experience less frustrating. BLAH update (the last one, 0.82) was indeed a good first step towards the right direction but within BLAH it was still possible to lose the game in a couple of situations. We really would like everyone to love this game and we understand how bad could be to lose a long played game without alternatives (remember though that some are hidden!) due to a single bad decision or a button pushed by mistake, so we went further and completely removed any chance to lose the game from recurrent characters dialogues! Beware though: this does not mean that you can avoid bothering with mafia or police: they still can put you in real trouble and they still have huge consequences! Let’s say that if you take bad decisions with recurrent characters you won’t lose instantly but you’ll still be able to lose if you go negative with your cash!

So you’ll now face losing resources instead of brutally losing the game. That’s good but the final result is that you will actually have more chances to lose resources than before. That’s why we didn’t stop there and modified the bank donation mechanic too! Since the game got longer and more difficult, from now on the bank will save you from bankrupt not only once but three times! With this we want to make the game more forgiving and grant you the “three lives” chance that many old school games provide! You have to watch out, though, since every bank donation will be fixed and could end up not covering the entire debt you have! Should you still have negative cash after a bank donation, next day you’ll receive a new one (if you still have one). This will of course not grant to extinguish your huge debt, neither, but it will surely give you more time to recover!

Let’s now talk about the Brainwasher employee. Do you remember we buffed the Expert in our last update? Well, now it’s time for the Brainwasher to be buffed! With PMLoL we decided to make this employee much more useful than before by granting you the possibility to use his power in more “bad” situations! Since yesterday you could use him only if a customer doesn’t agree with your offer and goes away, but now you can use him also in the following situations:

  • if a customer forces you with a final and definitive offer
  • if a customer recognizes the fake you were about to sell to him (!!)

In both these cases the dialogue with the customer will start again, granting you a new chance to make a big deal (or to fool him)!
Maybe some of you have already discovered other useful situations where to use the Brainwasher… well, keep always in mind that Brainwasher power uses are limited per day and we didn’t changed them with this update, so even if you can use him in more situations, now more than ever you’ll have to carefully decide if and when to use him!

And that’s all with this update!
We really hope you like these changes, do not forget to let us know what you think here in the comments or in our Public Roadmap where you can also see that… “Geek items” pack and mythic rarity are coming!

Stay tuned and keep up the good deals!

Dealer’s Life updated: version B:0.82 – Better Life Adjustments Heaven

Gooood morning to all Dealers out there!

Did you enjoy the great MUU? Yes? No? Well, in any case here we come today with a lovely new update called Better Life Adjustments Heaven or, as we use to call it, the BLAH! Can you guess what’s inside the BLAH? You got it: a lot of love, peace and great gifts for everybody! Since we realized the huge MUU was a bit too harsh we worked on tuning some mechanics here and there to make the overall experience much more enjoyable and less unforgiving!

Let’s firstly talk about the biggest set of adjustments that comes with BLAH: recurring characters! We knew they would have drastically changed the game experience, many of you liked them, some others didn’t and I personally think that’s a normal process in a game that is still in development. Nevertheless our goal is to make a game that everyone can enjoy as much as possible, so we decided to review all encounters developed so far and adjust them to have a smoother flow of plots and make the game harder to lose. As a result mostly all mafia encounters have been rewritten and redesigned, a few more encounters have been added and others have been modified to better fit the overall plot. We introduced some more reward you can get from encounters but most of all we enriched a lot of dialogues with new answers you can get only if you satisfy specific conditions, such as a specific employee, a skill higher than a value or reputation level. That’s right: the higher skills you’ll have, the more chance to get better options in dialogues! You can also use passive employees to increase your skills and get more answers so everybody go for them!
For what concerns reputation… all I will say here is: do not think that if you go criminal you’re losing the game, there are ways to win on both good and bad sides, you just have to find them out!
We are still evaluating the possibility to include a new option to completely remove all encounters but we think that with this update it won’t be necessary. We also think that encounters are a core mechanic in the scheme we have in mind for our game, so we would like to avoid implementing this option if not necessary.

Ok, I’ll try…

Another set of changes introduced by BLAH regards the Expert! This great employee was a bit underrated so we decided to give him a boost not only by giving him a chance to recognize fake items during a quick estimate, but also by drastically increasing his estimating capabilities! Before BLAH the Expert used to make quick estimates based on a certain value of Competence defined by his level of experience which made low-level Experts quite inaccurate in their quick estimates and quite annoying when they often simply cannot give you any quick estimate of the item. With the lovely BLAH now Experts will always make quick estimates based on a fixed, high value of Competence, regardless of their level! The only limit here is the number of times a day you can use his power (which still depends on the Expert’s level). Oh, and keep in mind that a top high Competence could still give a little percentage of failures during quick estimates, especially on high rarity items, that’s why if you want to be 100% sure about an item value and authenticity you’ll have to assign that item to the Expert for a few days to evaluate.

The Expert is now evaluating… coffee!

That’s quite it for the Expert, but stay sure it’s not over yet with him. We still have a couple of nice ideas to increase their power even more, something will surely come in the near future and I must say… this is just the beginning of a big tide of love we want to give to all active employees (Restorer, Expert and Brainwasher) in order to make them a lot more powerful and useful! And this brings us to another big feature introduced by the BLAH…

How many times you desired to have just one more free Restorer to fix that damn item in bad condition before someone comes to buy it as it is (or before you get sick of keeping it locked in your inventory)? Well, from now on all Premium Dealers will get the possibility to hire two employees of the same type between Restorers, Experts and Brainwashers! Since all these employees can only be used a limited number of times a day, hiring more than one employee of a kind will increase the times you can use his power accordingly!

Restorer twins!

Wait, what about Lite players? We absolutely wanted to give some more love to them too, so we decided to listen to your suggestions and remove the video ad on the Brainwasher power! Now it’s free of ads like any other employee ability, definitely a great change for Lite players!

Last but not least, we continued to listen to your suggestions and made a big rebalance of late game item prices to make them more in line on what you would expect in a late game: average prices have been increased and trashy items have been greatly reduced! This will likely lead to a solid growth even at the end of the game!

We really hope you’ll like all these changes!
If you want to know what’s next, you can check our Roadmap but, to tell you in advance one big improvement, well I’ll say just three words: geek items pack!
Stay tuned and keep up the good deals!